Monday Motivation: 2017 Workout Routine

As we ring in the New Year, I am excited about a lot of things. A New Year is time for fresh starts and is a reminder that we can set new goals and try again to achieve old ones. One of the most pressing goals I have is to become healthier, which means working out. I have always worked out, my entire life. I played soccer for most of my childhood and adult life, but quit halfway through college and just started going to the gym. When I moved to SF after college, I picked up my game and really hit the gym after work. This all changed when I moved to LA five months ago (crazy)! In LA, you drive everywhere, so my time to walk to work and around the city was gone. I was also commuting to work when I lived in Echo Park, which would take about and hour each way. How in the world did I have time to workout?! I was in the worst shape I’d been in since junior year of college when I studied abroad… But since moving to Redondo, my commute is more than cut in half, so I am able to go to the gym again after work! Here is what has worked for me since quitting soccer and heading to the gym.






Updated 2017 Workout Routine:

Monday: 30-minutes Stair Stepper (the actual stairs, not the one where you bounce up and down). Every 5 minutes, alternate the way you face so you are side-stepping right or left. Walk it out on the treadmill for 5-10 minutes when finished. Head to the weight machines. Alternate between 3 sets of 10 on an arm machine, leg machine, and ab machine. Finish after one set of each arm, leg, and abs. Stretch.

Tuesday: 30-minutes on Treadmill. I usually go at about level 6 to 6.5 all the way. It’s about 3 miles in total. Walk it out for at least 3 minutes. Head to the free weights. Start with bicep curls (I use 12 pounders) and complete 1 set of 20. Use the same weights for 20 stepping lunges. Grab a balancing ball and use it to do 10 v-ups for abs. Start over with the biceps and do 2 more sets of biceps, legs, and abs.

Wednesday: Repeat Monday.

Thursday: Repeat Tuesday.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Light walking at least once a day.




For days at the gym, I like to wear longer leggings, like these fun geometric pattern ones from Paper Rani. They are silky smooth and super comfortable. Leggings are my go-to so there are no slips when it comes to the v-ups I do (if you know what I mean). They provide the most coverage! I also go for a bright colored bra or top when working out, since bright colors always go at the gym. This bra from POWWFUL gives me the lift and support I need, even when running. POWWFUL is an awesome company that embraces all body types- something I definitely can get behind.

Do any of you have tips when it comes to working out? I find that I do everything in one gym sesh, but I’ve heard alternating days you do each muscle group really helps in the long run. I’ve also been wanting to incorporate yoga into my schedule, which helps with flexibility (obviously), mediative practices, and your ability to handle stress. Perhaps I’ll do that on the weekends when I’m not doing things for my blog!

Cheers to another year of being healthy… Next up is learning how to cook (help)!


Photos: Sara Pope

Leggings: Paper Rani

*Thank you to POWWFUL and Paper Rani for partnering with me in this post.

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  • Reply Candace Dayaz

    Awesome post! I think that having a routine is great but also finding something you really like is the best way to keep it in your routine.

    February 19, 2017 at 11:50 am
    • Reply

      Thank you for the comment! I definitely agree that finding something you like is the key! And trying new things can be fun to find what it is that works for you to get moving.


      February 19, 2017 at 6:53 pm

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