3 Last Minute Unisex Holiday Gift Ideas

    You guys! Christmas is less than two weeks away and Hanukkah has already started! This holiday season has flown by. I am finishing up my Christmas shopping this week and flying back home to Colorado next week for 10 days, which I am excited about. To help you all navigate the madness, I’ve put together some last minute holiday gift ideas for both men and women, including one of my favorite new watch brands, Malleo.

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    Bringing the Bash this Holiday Season with essence makeup

    Hi babes! It’s been a minute… So many things have happened in the past few months! It’s the busiest season for my blog and my work (for all of those who don’t know, I am the Social Media Manager for ONEHOPE Wine). These past few months have been a whirlwind of photoshoots, events, me getting sick (a few times), and general holiday madness! It’s been quite fun, though.

    Despite the holiday craziness, I’ve managed to put together some a fun holiday look with one of my favorite makeup brands, essence makeup. I love this brand because their philosophy is quality cosmetics at amazing prices, but more than this, essence has built an inclusive community of young women with beauty, ambition and courage. This community of real girls is built around a love for essence products as well as lifestyle of making the most of life and choosing happiness. I got the chance to test out essence makeup’s Matte Lipstick colors in their Holiday Kit, their Lash Princess – False Lash Mascara, their Pure Nude Highlighter, and their Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara.

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    Top 10 Cyber Week Sales 2017

    The time has come! Has Black Friday snuck up on anyone else?! I feel like I am so unprepared this year… But I’m last minute headed to Big Bear for the holiday, so I’m excited to see some fall foliage if there is any left! On Black Friday, I plan to do some online shopping, but only if the deals are on fire (I personally don’t like when stores only offer a small percentage off, I’m like thanks but there are better sales at other times of the year). I’ve rounded up some of the BEST deals so y’all don’t have to search to find them! You can thank me later 🙂

    1. All Saints – Up to 40% off everything 11/22 – 11/28

    2. BB Dakota – 50% Black Friday 11/24

    3. BEBE – 30-50% off select styles 11/22 – 11/27

    4. BOOHOO – 50% off everything 11/24

    5. Etsy – Up to 60% off

    6. J.Crew – 40% off everything 11/21/ – 11/26

    7. Lucky Brand – 50 – 60% off

    8. Missguided – 50% off everything

    9. Revolve – 50% off sale items 11/23

    10. Topshop – Up to 50% off + free worldwide shipping

    Happy shopping lovelies!



    Fall 2017 Skincare Regimen

    With the change in the seasons, my skin is becoming increasingly dry and irritated. Couple this with the acne flair-ups that I’ve had in the past few months, it’s not looking good for my skin. After trying several techniques and products I read about online, I became frustrated because nothing seemed to work to cure my skin. I gave up home remedies and recently went to the dermatologist regarding my skin conditions and received an entire new regimen. Some of it includes prescription-only medications to treat acne, but some are available over the counter to treat oily skin and under eye circles.

    Basically, the skincare regimen that my doctor prescribed includes three prescription items: a sulfur face cleanser, a retinol cream, and spironolactone. The over the counter items include a daily cleanser, a sunscreen, and a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. A variation of these products could also work, as long as they have the same ingredients.

    I do, however, want to include some of the specialty skincare products that I use to supplement this regimen. One of which I want to talk about is the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Cream, which is used to treat under eye circles. This cream infuses large amounts of elements essential to the human body, including evening primrose, avocado, elderberry, chamomilla recutita. I use this at night to repair cells, and in the morning to shield from external damage to the eyes. I love creating a spa-like experience in my own home with this cream!

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    Fall Bungalow Refresh with Apollo Box

    With fall well underway, the temperatures are dropping here in LA finally! We do have Indian Summers here (where it’s warm all through October), but today was the first day of November and it actually began to feel like fall. LA even woke up to rain today! With all these changes happening outside, it felt like the right time to make a change indoors as well, especially since more time will be spent indoors in the coming months.

    For months, I’ve been looking for a macrame or woven wall hanging to complete my bedroom. There are a bunch on Etsy, but they are all pretty expensive and I was looking for a colored hanging to match my bedroom color scheme of purple, yellow, and white. I found this one on Apollo Box, online shopping platform that celebrates the act of discovery. This company is such a cool one, they use Augmented Reality in their app to help their customers see the product virtually before they buy it. What a fun way to shop! They also have really unique and creative products- and exactly the woven wall hanging I was looking for.

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    Bridging the Gap: Breaking Down the Age Barrier in Blogging

    I am so happy to partake in a monumental campaign called “Bridging the Gap”, a movement centered around blurring boundaries and ending age stereotypes. For me in this blogging journey, it’s imperative that I speak out for causes that I believe in. This in particular, is one of them. One of the foundations of my blog is encouraging others to pursue their passion, in all forms, whatever it may be. Too often I get asked, “How do I start a blog” and hear complaints about how hard it may be to become “successful”, whatever that is defined as. Well, let me tell you the secret: JUST BEGIN. We all started somewhere, it’s a journey that is not defined by “success” or how many followers you have (at least for me). It’s a process to encourage others, build community, get a little creative, and ultimately live life more fully.

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    End of Summer Outfit Ideas + 10 Facts About Myself

    I hope you all have been enjoying the last bits of summer! Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve the content on my site. I think a big part of the road to improvement is a balance between writing what you have to write (for brands) while simultaneously writing something that you (and all my readers) will actually want to read. I personally want to return to a journalistic approach to blogging- describing my thoughts, trips, and topics that I care about. I enjoy creating content for brands but I don’t necessarily find myself wanting to write about the best sunglasses for fall.. I want to write impactful content that will help people, whether that be to live their most creative and fulfilling life or just to give them the courage and tools needed to be authentically themselves. That in itself is what I am most passionate about. A lot of this comes from my recent research on the power of vulnerability, a topic that I have come across in many facets of my life lately. So, to begin this new content journey, I am going to start with sharing 10 Facts About Myself that you may not know already! Hopefully by being vulnerable myself (these are still pretty surface level, but it’s a start), you all will connect with me in a different way. I’ll then give you a few end of summer outfit ideas to finish this post 🙂

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