Trend Spotlight: Indigo Dye with Margaret O’Leary

    long sleeve indigo dye top

    Indigo dye is everywhere lately. Frankly, it’s been a thing for a while now in the interior design space, as seen on everything from mudcloth pillows to tapestries. I didn’t think it would make an appearance in the fashion world, until now. I’m seeing the dye on swimsuits, dresses, and tops, like this the one I chose from Margaret O’Leary. I’m loving the laid-back bohemian vibe that this print has; it’s almost like we are being brought back in time to the 70’s. Sometimes I think I was meant to be born then… 🙂


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    Easy Work Wear: Karen Klein

    casual karen klein outfit

    I mentioned previously that I no longer have to wear business casual clothes to work since starting my new job. While I don’t have to wear pencil skirts or button downs every day, I definitely still want to look professional. It’s really hard to find the perfect mix of professional and every day clothing, especially when you live in a climate where you want to wear shorts and a crop top almost every day, but I’ve found a brand that does exactly that: Karen Klein. Based out of San Francisco, this brand embodies casual, creative-chic (if that’s not a style, I just made it one). The clothes are very high quality, and can be worn for work and for everyday purposes.

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    Best Camera for Fashion Bloggers

    ruffled romper

    This is a topic that I have looked up many times and I have found a variety of answers. I also have received many questions about this topic, so it’s definitely a hot topic and something I thought I should address on my blog. The topic is… What is the best camera for fashion bloggers?! In a world where there are so many options, you can only expect a lot of answers. So that is what I’m going to give you.

    To help synthesize the results of my research, I’ve broken out a few different options depending on what your budget looks like, since this is perhaps the biggest investment you will make as a fashion blogger. I’ve also linked articles that ultimately led me to my purchasing decision, which I will also tell you about. I hope this helps anyone who is in the market for a new camera!


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    How to Wear an All Denim Outfit

    All Denim Outfit

    Spring is forecasted to be the season of denim. Denim is a great fabric for many reasons: it’s a transitional fabric from cooler months to warmer ones, it can be worn with almost anything, and can be made into almost any piece of clothing. This month, I did a collaboration with Boohoo, an exceptional online retailer for women’s fashion, where they challenged me to wear as many pieces of denim as possible in one outfit, up to five. I love denim so much that I was definitely up for this challenge! Here’s how I created my own all denim outfit.

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    Comfortable in UNIQLO: Long Sleeve Work Shirt

    Some brands have mastered the essence of durable, comfortable clothing that you can wear with just about anything for just about any occasion. Examples of these brands are GAP, Old Navy, and H&M. One such brand that I would add to this list is UNIQLO. For those of you who haven’t heard of this brand or shopped there, UNIQLO has great staple items for work, at home, or for the great outdoors. I mostly shop at UNIQLO for the work appropriate casual clothing, now that I can wear casual clothing to work everyday (yay)!

    My most favorite item that I have received from UNIQLO is this long sleeve work shirt. This work shirt is one of the most if not the most versatile piece of clothing I own. If I still worked in finance, which I would like to emphasize that I do not now, I could wear this with these Banana Republic work pants or a pencil skirt and be work appropriate. At my current job, I wore the work shirt with some boyfriend jeans and my new Franco Sarto peep toe booties. A perfect outfit for getting coffee before work or having a nice casual weekend look.

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    How to Recycle Your Wardrobe + Stay on Top of Trends on a Budget


    I recently published a post with some thrifting tips from my mom, but I forgot to include some tips I’ve learned over the years about how to recycle your wardrobe and keep it fresh year round. I’ve received many questions throughout my two and a half years of blogging about how bloggers are able to afford their closet and keep up with all the trends. Since I didn’t come from a wealthy family, most of my items when I started blogging were bought by me and I had to find other means to keep on top of trends. For me, it’s always been buying and selling clothes at Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange or other thrift stores to have a continuously rotating closet. But there are other ways to keep on top of all the trends you see bloggers wearing! Read more to see them.


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    Healthy On The Go Snack Idea: noosa yoghurt

    noosa yoghurt

    I’m so grateful I live near the beach now! I can go running along the shore, play a pickup volleyball game, or have a relaxing picnic near the water, all within walking distance of my house. I’m often on the go, so I’ve been looking for snacks to sustain all these activities. One of the snacks I’ve found extremely satisfying to refuel after these activities is noosa yoghurt, a rich, whole milk yoghurt blend packed with protein and loads of flavor. Noosa actually originated in Australia but is produced in Colorado, so I’ve always been an advocate for this brand. I first tried the yoghurt in college in Boulder and have been hooked ever since.

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