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Ziggit x Bohemian by the Bay

As many of you know, last weekend I headed to Clark, Colorado (outside of Steamboat) for our annual family Father’s Day trip. One of the main activities my family likes to do outdoors is hike, so that is how we spent the last day in Steamboat. Hiking is such a great way to get exercise and relieve stress. For our hike, I packed along my hand-dandy Herschel backpack, and dressed it up with some fun pins I got from Ziggit. These pins are such a fun way to express yourself, and I love how you can pin them on just about anything without punching holes! I chose the letters to spell “WILD”, because that’s how I feel when I’m outdoors and in nature.

2016-06-19 01.57.54-1

2016-06-19 02.04.55-1

2016-06-19 02.11.20

2016-06-19 01.56.31-1

2016-06-19 02.13.25

2016-06-19 01.56.35

2016-06-19 01.57.05

If you all are looking for hikes around Steamboat, Colorado, I highly recommend this hike. It was around Pearl Lake, which is often referred to as the “hidden gem” of all the lakes in Steamboat. The fresh breeze from the lake is a definite relief from the heat in the summer time.

Hope you guys are liking all of my pictures from back home! These are the last of them 🙁


Photos: Jack Van Leeuwen

P.S. You all can use the code: 10bythebay to get Buy 3 get 1 Free at Ziggit!

*Thanks to Ziggit for sponsoring this post! Your support keeps blogs like mine running 🙂

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