Favorite Winter UGG Booties

I have a huge announcement to make! It’s finally cold in LA!! Okay, okay, I know that wasn’t that huge, but being from Colorado and then living 2 years in San Francisco, I have gotten used to the cold, and I like it. Not to say I don’t enjoy the heat, because I do, but I enjoy the change of season the most. It rained all weekend last weekend and I wore my UGG booties to prove it. I love the winter, it means the holidays are around the corner and I get to see my family, and it means I get to wear all the cute winter booties. I paired my UGG booties with a casual pair of boyfriend jeans and my favorite Margaret O’Leary sweater that I find myself wearing over and over this season. These UGG booties are so versatile, they are great for wearing inside the house as slippers, to the beach as comfy sand-blocking booties, and around the street as they have some new street style finds that are amazing. I’ve rounded up my favorite UGG booties for the winter for y’all, so you can see what I am talking about.









3 Favorite Winter UGG Booties:

1. Women’s McKay– These are ideal if you want to slip on and go and if you don’t need the extra heel warmth. Perfect for winter beach-goers! These are the boots I’m wearing above and they’re my favorite! I even wear them to work… shhhh.

2. Women’s Sibley– These are a great alternative to the OTK boots that you see everywhere this season. Talk about keeping those legs warm!

3. Women’s Braiden– These boots are similar to the classic UGGS that I loved back in the day, but they have a refreshed, modern look to them. You can even roll them down for a cool girl vibe.

All of these boots are part of the Classic Street Collection at UGGS.

I hope you are able to find some inspiration and booties that you like! Stay warm out there 🙂


Photos: Kathryn Zahorak of East West Edge

*Thank you to UGG for sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine.

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