What to Wear to Festivals

Festival season is here! I don’t know about you guys, but I am officially stoked this year. It is the first year ever that I will be headed to Coachella, for work and for the blog. I’ve been to other music fests, but not the biggest of the big. There’s a lot that goes into planning these festivities, especially what to wear. As a fashion blogger, my motto with festivals is to go big or go home. Some of my favorite festival looks last year were from bloggers who did just that: Late Afternoon, and We Wore What, two of my favs. As you can see, they were both on the practical side, however. There are definitely some things that need to be considered when choosing an outfit for a festival. Keep reading to find out what to wear to festivals!


The first consideration should always be is this outfit functional. Meaning, can you easily go to the bathroom in this outfit? If the answer is no and you will have to get naked in a porto-potty, then you should reconsider. While I love rompers, they aren’t really practical unless you can quickly slip them off. Also something to think about is comfort. Will you be able to walk miles on miles per day with the shoes you chose? Next, you should think about what main pieces you are going to wear- a dress, a shirt with shorts, a bathing suit or all of the above? It’s fun to mix and match bathing suits with shorts, or a shirt with a maxi skirt, for example. Just remember that you don’t want anything popping out while you are dancing. (Or do you?!) Either way, be respectful to people around you and cover yourself, it’s more classy that way anyway.

easy festival style

what to wear to festivals

coachella style

The final consideration is accessories, which is the most fun! The accessories are really what make the outfit in my opinion. Layer on the necklaces, earrings, hats, belts, and sunglasses. Just make sure the look is cohesive- i.e. don’t go for emo accessories (like a spiked collar) mixed with boho accessories (like simple gold jewelry or statement silver pieces). That may seem like a given, but you never know. Some great examples of boho accessories can be found in this article.

high-waisted denim shorts

festival style

festival accessories

For this simple festival style, I chose to wear a deep V leotard (which goes against rule #1 of functionality of the outfit, but it does easily come off). I paired it with layered chokers, my round sunglasses from Zenni Optical, high-waisted denim shorts, and simple converse. I would probably add insoles to the converse to make them more comfortable to walk in considering they do not have enough arch support to walk miles in.

coachella festival style

what to wear to a festival 2

what to wear to a music festival

I hope this helps when thinking about what to wear for festivals this season! Can’t wait to show you all what I wear at the event.


Photos: Jonilyn Brown

Choker: Naccessories

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