Valentine’s Day Date Night Dresses

Everyone’s scrambling for the big day trying to get the perfect gift for their loved one (see my gift guide) and I’m over here like ahhh what am I going to WEAR?! It’s called priorities… For those of you in the same boat I am, it all depends on what you are doing with your significant other or gal pal or whoever you are spending the day with. I happen to be going on a date night for Valentine’s Day, so I’ve rounded up some date night dresses for y’all for the big day.

Embroidered Floral Dresses:

I love these selections because they are effortlessly feminine. They are EXTRA without going over the top. With the little mesh detailing on some of them, your guy will definitely like them as well. You do want to make sure that you are dressing for the occasion, however, and these may be a little too fancy for just a date night. These would be great for dinner and a show. But I’m all for overdressing… So I say go for it.

Little Black Dresses:

What I love about the little black dress is how versatile it is. You can really go any way with this dress- add detail to make it fancy or strip it down for a more casual yet still sexy look. Each one of the dresses below I selected because of their detail- with the LBD I think you either have to add a dainty necklace (to the simple dress) or you can leave it alone and let the detail of the dress stand out. It’s a solid go-to for me and a staple in any wardrobe.

The Red Dress:

I chose this color because, well, Valentine’s Day. It’s also a very HOT color this winter. (See what I did there?) In all seriousness, I do think red is a flattering color on most people, especially if you pick the shade of red correctly for your skin tone. In general, I would say if you have a fair skin tone, you should opt for the bright, orange-y reds and if you have a darker skin tone, you can go for the deeper, maroon reds. The darker colors might look like too much of a contrast to pale skin. But to each their own, just wear what makes you the most confortable.

Whatever you are doing for Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy the night!

With love,

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