T3 Compact Styling Tools Review

If there’s one thing I have an undying love/hate relationship with, it’s my hair. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted straight hair. I admired the girls who were able to shower right before leaving the house because their hair would look perfect with hardly any work and would dry in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, there was me who had to shower the night before and sleep with hair like a wet dog, only to wake up looking like a poodle. After letting my hair air-dry overnight (sometimes it would still be wet in the morning to my dismay), I would spend at least an hour straightening and curling it for the day. This was my process from middle school to high school, and sometimes I even still do it. My hair was left broken, dry and frizzy. There was some positives that came out of this experience, though. I became a master at curling and straightening hair, not only on myself but on others. I could whip out a blow-out in 15 minutes flat.

T3 Styling Tools

T3 Straightening Iron

This process also made me realize that eventually I wanted to embrace my natural curly hair, which you can see in this photo and this photo on my Instagram. Otherwise, all my other photos are with my hair straightened and curled to get those beach-y curls. For those moments, I love to use my T3 styling tools. They are the only tools that I have found that actually do less damage to my hair than other tools I have had in the past. Perhaps this has to do with the technology behind the tools- they are specifically designed to nurture tresses, reduce styling time and seal in moisture. One feature I like best are the heat settings that allow me to minimize heat damage by generating consistent heat- although they do need to be quite hot for my hair, I only need a couple passes to get the job done.

Straightener Styling Tools

T3 Compact Straightener

I recently received the Singlepass Compact Straightener and Featherweight Compact Dryer which fit nicely in my overly crowded hair drawer. Both of these tools will be great for travel too- I won’t have to lug around my large curlers and straighteners anymore. I also like their Whirl Trio, which has interchangeable barrels for endless styling possibilities. I wrote a beach-y waves tutorial about how to use these a little while back!

T3 Styling Tools Reviews

T3 Tools

So when I do style my hair, mostly for photoshoots these days, I use these T3 tools. The less damage I can do to my hair the better!

That being said, do ya’ll know any ways to style short curly hair? I am thinking of cutting my hair to bob-length or lob-length, but I’m super nervous that I will have to style it every day.

Lots of love,

*Thank you to T3 for providing me with these amazing styling tools and saving my hair!

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