5 Reasons to Visit Colorado

While I love living in LA, I cherish moments that I can return to my home, Colorado. For those of you that have not been to Colorado, you must put it on your bucket list. Colorado is a magical place for more reasons than one. It’s got it’s fair share of city-life, if that is your thing, but the real reason people travel to Colorado is for the nature. Mountains stretch farther than the eye can see, lakes glisten during the summer and freeze over in the winter, and the air is so fresh it’s icy when you inhale. Colorado takes seasons to the next level… In the fall you’ve got leaves every color of the rainbow. Growing up in a place like this, it is hard to go to a place that has no seasons, like LA, but it just makes my trips back to Colorado even more special. Read more to see why I love this place and why I will always, always, come back to it.









5 Reasons to Visit Colorado:

1. Denver– The capital of Colorado is becoming a really great city to live in. The Rockies stadium is re-done, so it is a hotspot in the summers. The area around the stadium, or Lower Downtown (LoDo), has a bustling bar and restaurant scene. With local favorites like The Kitchen and ViewHouse, you’ve got a lot of things to choose from downtown. My personal favorites are Root Down and Little Man Ice Cream in the hipster Highland District.

2. Breweries– Colorado is known to be a hub for some awesome breweries. I have toured Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado, and they literally give you three full size beers at the end of the tour. Talk about making you want to come back… Another famous Colorado brewery is Oskar Blues, which I haven’t got the chance to tour yet, but would love to- the hippy culture and unique flavors are what sets this brewery apart. There are some other up and coming breweries such as Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton, my hometown. I’ve heard great things about this one as well! Colorado is a must for all the beer lovers out there.

3. Mountains– I know this might sound like, well duh, of course I would visit Colorado for the mountains. But there is so so much more to them than your wildest dream can dream. Besides the go-to travel spots like all the mountain resorts, which are no doubt beautiful, there are hidden gems scattered throughout the mountains. My favorite places are hidden towns and cabins outside of most of the major ski resorts. Take Avalanche Ranch, for example. The cabins are built for two on a natural hot springs and farm. There are antique shops and horses on the premises. Some of my fondest memories are there. I recommend you go the path less traveled and explore what these smaller towns have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Red Rocks– This is the greatest concert venue on Earth, without a doubt. The venue is built in literal rocks, so it is a natural sound amplifier. During summer concerts, it feels like there is nothing but you, the stars, and the glittering city of Denver in the background. It is truly a magical experience. Some of my favorite experiences at the Rocks were actually not concerts, either. The venue hosts movie nights and crazy exercise classes and yoga on the weekends (yes, I was one of those people…) and I loved it. This is a definite must see when you head to Colorado.

5. Boulder– I am partial to this town, because I lived there for four years in college so it holds a special place in my heart. Boulder is a place where time stands still- the city is not expanding its borders (in order to protect wildlife around it), there are new young college residents year after year, there are spectacular seasons and untouched natural parks surrounding it. I love the small town/entrepreneurial feel of Boulder, now with more startups than ever and more trendy coffee shops to try. I hope it stays such a great, friendly, and fit town as I remember it. Definitely a must when you travel to Colorado.

I hope this helps you all see why I love Colorado and why you should go if you haven’t yet!


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