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Monday Motivation: Lace Romper + Photo Editing Tips

One of my favorite things about California is that you can wear no tights in the winter. When I lived in Colorado for most of my life, you had to wear tights when it was cold out or else you would FREEZE (which I’m about to since I’m headed back home tomorrow!). Although sometimes tights could be stylish, I mostly thought it ruined the outfit. I mean who wears tights with a lace romper? Anyway, I love this lace romper from Full Addition for the holiday season. I made the look even more festive by adding a touch of red with this gorgeous bag from Dezzal Online. Without tights, I could pair this romper with my peep toe black heels. I also didn’t have to wear a jacket which was a plus, so you could see the lace sleeves. Lace rompers are definitely a fun way to mix it up this season and are less beach-y than their floral counterparts.

On another note, I have always received a lot of questions about how I edit my photos. I was talking with my friend Katie Zahorak of East West Edge today about photography in the field of blogging. I think one of the hardest things is for single ladies (or ladies who don’t have an Instagram husband or want to make their boyfriend take photos of them) to find consistent photographers who match their style. I myself have my go-to photographers, but sometimes I need to edit photos from photographers to make them seem consistent on my Instagram feed. So the answer is yes, I do edit my photographer’s pictures to keep my feed consistent. The only other option would be to have a partner photographer (but we all know they are busy too and us bloggers need to take pictures every week, amiright?). Read more to see the photo editing apps I use and which are my go to filters.


Best Photo Editing App: By far my favorite and the most widely used is VSCO. The company itself is doing some really amazing things like creating a community for artists to express themselves, but the filters are why I use the app so often. They are fantastic- you can make your photos look like film if you want, or just add a little artistic touch to your photos.

Best Filters: I use HB1 and HB2 in my Instagram photos (mostly HB1). I like the brightness and contrast that filter adds. I up the contrast +1 and the brightness +1 usually. But the key is to not use the entire filter, and pay attention to the lighting in the photo itself. For example, if I took a photo in the shade (cool lighting) then I would need to up the warmth (or temperature) by a few notches. To see how the image compares to the rest of your feed, you can go to your Library on the VSCO app. It takes a keen eye to edit photos, but this app makes your life easier and you can get the hang of it pretty easily.

Other photo editing apps I like to use:

1. Facetune– For those minor touch-ups, I use this app to patch out pimples or smooth walls behind me (if there is graffiti or a sign I don’t want there).

2. Snapseed– You can literally transform an image with this app. From cropping, tuning, rotating, brushing, vignettes, this app has it all. I still need to get better at using it though!

I hope you all found this helpful! Best of luck in your editing endeavors. Are there any apps that I missed that you all use?


Photos: Jordan Zobrist (unedited :)!)

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