A Note on Quality over Quantity + Simple Living

For most of my life, I have been overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the latest trends. This yearning to keep up has inundated my closet and life with more physical items than I could have ever imagined or wanted. Add that to a passion for blogging that has turned into a full-time side hustle, and you’ve got way too many things cluttering up your space. I’m not trying to boast about the amount of items that I have received through blogging, but rather I am stating a simple fact that comes with life nowadays- we as Americans have created a culture that lusts for the next greatest thing, which leads to overconsumption. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully a part of this culture (see recent posts about SheIn, an online retailer where I buy trendy clothing to keep up with the changing seasons…), but I do think it is equally important to slow down, really think about what you have and need, and then only after that make decisions to purchase. Almost everything I buy I recycle, through thrift stores or donations, but there are some things that I decide to keep because they are staple pieces that will last a long time or will be with you “forever”. Shoes tend to almost always fall in this category. One such brand that prides itself on quality is Vionic Shoes. Vionic is changing the game when it comes to quality and comfortability, which is why these are a show that are worth investing in.

vionic shoes

fall shoes

To gear up for fall, I selected the Serena Ankle Boot, which is made out of suede and treated with a protective coating to help against inclement weather. The insoles are made with Orthotic technology to provide the utmost comfort. To put it in perspective, these are the shoes I wore all day AFTER this shoot.

vionic booties

fall comfortable shoes

vionic fall shoes

I paired the shoe with some short shorts (it’s still hot in LA) and a denim vest to give this look a little more of a country vibe since it was shot outside. I’m really into shooting nature scenes lately (i.e. this post in Palos Verdes) because that is where I find the most inspiration. I guess it’s true when they say you can’t take the Colorado out of the girl 🙂

I finished the look with a t-shirt from one of my other favorite brands, Freedom Rise. A really great artisan clothing and goods company that y’all should check out if you haven’t.

comfortable fall boots

comfortable fall booties

vionic shoes

To finish off this stream-of-consciousness-like post, some brands are worth investing in. To me, those are socially conscious brands, or brands that put the lifestyle of busy women at the forefront of their mission, like Voinic Shoes. In the words of the brand, “the Vionic secret is inside. It’s what gives customers the freedom to walk, move and live their lives as they desire… Vionic is reimagining footwear by infusing our biomechanical technology into the latest shoe styles. Style, It doesn’t need to hurt.” I can get behind that!

What are some of the other brands you have heard that are changing the game in terms of social responsibility or quality? I’d love to know!

Much love,

Photos: Jonilyn Brown

**Thank you to Voinic Shoes for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.

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