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Navy Blue Bandana

One of my favorite accessory trends that has come back is the bandana. I think the 70’s was the last time this accessory was in full swing? There are so many ways to wear the bandana, whether that be around the neck (ala my friend Lindsey of the blog Seamless Sea), in the hair like I chose for this outfit, or wrapped around the wrist. Whatever you chose, this accessory adds a little bit of edge to any outfit and gives off a cool-girl-chic vibe. I can jump on board with that.

I paired the bandana with one of my favorite T-shirts that I’ve had since high school. Johnny Depp has been my celebrity crush since the moment I saw “Chocolate”, I mean that mustache and that hair, am I right?! So, it was only natural that I got this T-shirt to show my affection publicly. All hail Johnny.

2016-04-10 04.58.50-1

2016-04-10 05.00.12

2016-04-10 05.08.19

2016-04-10 04.58.26

2016-04-10 05.02.23

2016-04-10 05.08.58-1

2016-04-10 05.02.07

2016-04-10 04.58.12

2016-04-10 05.07.52

These shots were taken in Old Town Pasadena. If you all are ever in that area, be sure to grab coffee at Lavender & Honey Espresso. I didn’t get to try their lavender latte or lavender honey toast with goat cheese (mistakes!), but that is what they are most known for.

Can’t wait to show you all what’s to come… I’ve been teaming up with a lot of photographers lately to bring you guys some great content 🙂


PC: Jack Van Leeuwen (my new Instagram husband)


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