Monday Motivation: Why You Need a Content Calendar

When I began my blog, I did loads of researching. I researched “How to Start a Blog” and went from there. When people ask me how I started or how to start a blog, I tell them, just START. Start researching and you will learn. However, this does take time, effort, practice, and a lot of consistency. Blogging is not for the faint of heart. As I continued blogging (this is my fourth year in blogging!) I gained knowledge and skills that I wish to share with you guys. I want part of my blog to be dedicated to giving back, because this blog is one of the best ways I’ve spent my time in the past four years. That being said, not all of the information in my head is going to be free (i.e. you might have to subscribe to my newsletter), but I do wish to help you all out and save you some of the time that I spent researching so that a lot of your information can be found in one place. I’ve already started a “Blogging Tips” section on my blog, which can be found here!

So let us begin! Not many bloggers think of this, but one of the first things you should do for your blog, or anything that you wish to market, is create a content calendar (or marketing calendar for higher level projects). A content calendar (or sometimes called editorial calendar) is a place where you keep all your blog posts, social posts, deadlines, collaborations, etc. organized. It can be in the form of a template or handwritten, however I suggest you keep it online so you can easily make changes. The content calendar is usually outlined month by month, day by day, and social platform by social platform. This way, you know what needs to be published and by when. You can even plan ahead and do concept shoots ahead of time based on a holiday, how novel! (This was something completely foreign to me until last year- maybe plan ahead to do a Valentine’s Day shoot instead of doing one the day of?!)

Here are some additional reasons why you need a content calendar:

1. It helps you stay organized
2. It can help you plan ahead (scheduling shoots in advance is a great idea)
3. It will help you make deadlines
4. It forces you to take a look at your blog as a whole- what themes will I have? What do I want to focus on most with my blog posts?
5. It will help you stick to what you are supposed to post for the day
6. It will help with consistency (same-ish as above)
7. It will sometimes force you to be creative (i.e. what can I put together for Valetine’s Day before x date?)

Now that I’ve convinced you that you need a content calendar, how do you create one? Well, I’m going to save you some additional time and give you my own content calendar template that I use!

Let me know in the comments if you have questions, how you are using this content calendar or what other ways you are organizing the content for your blog!

Enjoy your Monday!


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