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My desk has always been a place of clutter. I keep everything from jewelry, notes, perfume, candles, magazines, to cards on my desk and organize it in a way that makes me feel okay with it (all spread to the corners, pretty much). That’s precisely why I did a reorganization of my desk- I got rid of the clutter and picked out a few essentials that made my desk look and feel cleaner. There’s something about throwing things away that makes me feel cleaner immediately, but that’s a whole different topic, I can feel my OCD kicking in…

I found these gold pineapples via LUX, an app that is beautifully curated to with modern home goods and accessories. This made the search quite easy for me because I immediately fell in love with all of their items! The ring holder and candle are from LUX, and the rest of the pieces are mine. I think they fit in quite nicely, don’t you think?

2016-05-29 01.06.18

2016-05-29 01.05.47-1

2016-05-29 01.05.31

2016-05-29 01.08.21-2

2016-05-29 01.09.36-2

2016-05-29 01.06.34

2016-05-29 01.06.10-1

I love helping creative and upcoming brands and apps get the recognition that they deserve. It makes my blogging job worth it!

You can use the code BOHEMIANBYTHEBAY (valid till end of July) to enjoy 25% on all LUX orders over $40!


*Thank you to LUX for sponsoring this post

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