How to Manage iPhone Photo Storage as a Blogger

As a blogger, I take A LOT iPhone photos. And when I say a lot, I mean thousands. Even though a lot of my work is done with a professional camera, one of my goals this year is to add in more iPhone photos to my Instagram feed. Having too many curated photos takes the “Insta” out of Instagram, right? I have found that people like to know what I am doing on a daily basis as well as what is on my blog (through curated, professional photos).

That being said, one of the major issues I have had in the past is with iPhone storage. I though it would be easy enough to download photos onto your computer from your phone… But I was wrong. Old photos (from 2015, for example, not even THAT old) wouldn’t download because my Mac didn’t recognize the file format of the photos since it’s new mandatory software download that happened last year. So I not only couldn’t download pictures onto a hard drive, I couldn’t even get them on my computer first! Not too mention my computer doesn’t have enough storage to begin with… You can see what I am dealing with here.

My iPhone photo storage problems were solved when I found Picture Keeper. Picture Keeper is a simple device that acts as a mobile USB drive. It automatically connects and transfers photos, videos, and contacts to a USB drive. I can now save all my files, no matter what format onto a USB and I can rest assured they will be safe. Picture Keeper has allowed me to free up that much needed space on my iPhone to take more selfies (jk… but really)! As a special treat for my readers, get 50% off when you use code Bohemian50 here.





Below are some other great benefits of Picture Keeper:

1. Great for the traveler- easy to take on the go!

2. It doesn’t use data, so you can share endless photos no matter what your plan

3. Maximizes storage, frees up space on crowded phone + computer

4. No more lost photos due to computer/phone crashes

5. Get all your photos from multiple devices in one place

If you are having issues, like me, with iPhone photo storage, Picture Keeper is a great solution. Let me know in the comments below if you are having other storage problems (like hard drive on your computer), etc. and I might do a blog post on how to solve those as well!


*Thank you to Picture Keeper for working with me on this post. All reviews and opinions are my own.

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