Lavender Essential Oil

San Francisco has opened me up to a whole new sense of smell. The native flora here is vast and incredible. We’ve got everything from palm trees to wildflowers. Two of my absolute favorite scents that we have here are eucalyptus and lavender. Every time I head to the Presidio (where a LOT of eucalyptus trees live) or the Marina (where the best lavender is) I stop to take it all in.

The city has brought me to love these scents so much that I have incorporated them into my daily routine. Naturally, lavender is a relaxant, so I use lavender lotion before bed and any time I am stressed. I recently bought this lavender essential oil from Avenir Oils to sprinkle droplets in my underwear drawer. I want to carry the scent with me throughout the day!

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The scent from this particular lavender oil from Avenir Oils smells incredible. The actual oil is 100% pure, non-toxic with zero additives, and undiluted with no fillers, which makes it perfect for adding a little fragrance to my clothes since it won’t irritate my sensitive skin.

To add to all the lavender oil greatness mentioned above, there’s actually quite a lot of wonderful health benefits of lavender oil, including:

1. Anti-aging serum
2. Treatment of headaches/migranes
3. Treatment of anxiety
4. High blood pressure reducer

And much more!

Now you know why I’m obsessed with this oil… Cheers to long, restful nights for you all!


*Thank you to Avenir Oils for sponsoring this post.

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