Unique Wood Watch

If there’s one thing I wear everyday, it’s a watch. I don’t usually like to wear any other jewelry on my hands besides a watch and maybe some bracelets since I wash my hands frequently throughout the day. I never used to wear watches, but when I started full-time work with a full schedule, I had to have one. I recently received an unique watch from JORD Wood Watches, and I love it for fall. The wood brings an eclectic vibe to a modern face, which makes the watch unlike any of the others I have.





I originally paired this watch with a few bracelets to make the watch a bit more girly, but I ended up keeping the watch by itself because it has a large face. With a few simple, gold rings, the watch looked elegant enough alone.

If you are searching for a unique watch, definitely keep JORD Wood Watches in mind! I recommend buying at least one high quality watch that you can wear everyday, especially if you have a busy schedule like me!


*Sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. All opinions are my own.

Wooden Wristwatch

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