How to Recycle Your Wardrobe + Stay on Top of Trends on a Budget


I recently published a post with some thrifting tips from my mom, but I forgot to include some tips I’ve learned over the years about how to recycle your wardrobe and keep it fresh year round. I’ve received many questions throughout my two and a half years of blogging about how bloggers are able to afford their closet and keep up with all the trends. Since I didn’t come from a wealthy family, most of my items when I started blogging were bought by me and I had to find other means to keep on top of trends. For me, it’s always been buying and selling clothes at Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange or other thrift stores to have a continuously rotating closet. But there are other ways to keep on top of all the trends you see bloggers wearing! Read more to see them.






Tips on How to Recycle Your Wardrobe and Keep on Top of Trends on a Budget:

1. Sell clothes at a consignment store: I mentioned this one before, but it’s definitely the most important. I was able to buy clothes for almost nothing by selling my closet for trade. And if you want to take the cash, you can head to your favorite department store and buy pieces there. Although I do highly recommend digging around in the consignment store though because you never know what you can find!

2. Shop major sales at department stores: Sometimes stores such as Banana Republic, Express, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Zara, etc. can be overlooked because of the price tag associated with most of their items. But these stores have HUGE sales after each season is over and the new season starts. I got the skirt I am wearing in this outfit at Banana Republic for less than $20 because they were having a 60% off sale after Christmas. SO GOOD!

3. Check out discount online retailers: Some of these can be a bit risky, but they are good for if you want a trendy item you will only wear a few times. Retailers like Shein or Missguided usually have all the trendy pieces you would want. I don’t recommend shopping at these sites if you want an item that will last you forever- some pieces you just need to invest in (like shoes and coats and staple pieces)!





These are just a few tips on how I have stayed on top of trends when I started out blogging and didn’t receive any sponsored content. Do you have any tips on how to afford staying on top of trends? I would love to hear what you all have to say!


Photos: Jordan Zobrist

Shoes: Zooshoo (Originally from Report Signature)
Skirt: Banana Republic (in stores only)
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Shirt: Thrifted

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