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noosa yoghurt

I’m so grateful I live near the beach now! I can go running along the shore, play a pickup volleyball game, or have a relaxing picnic near the water, all within walking distance of my house. I’m often on the go, so I’ve been looking for snacks to sustain all these activities. One of the snacks I’ve found extremely satisfying to refuel after these activities is noosa yoghurt, a rich, whole milk yoghurt blend packed with protein and loads of flavor. Noosa actually originated in Australia but is produced in Colorado, so I’ve always been an advocate for this brand. I first tried the yoghurt in college in Boulder and have been hooked ever since.

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eating noosa yoghurt

active wear with noosa yoghurt

This past weekend, I had a picnic on the beach and brought along noosa yoghurt’s new tart&sweet flavors: pear&cardamom, orange&ginger and strawberry&hibiscus. Noosa is a really easy yoghurt to pack in a cooler and have for a picnic- it’s round tub is like a pre-made healthy parfait. Not to mention the tub is about one serving (at least one serving for me, two servings for some), so it is perfect for an after exercise snack.

tennis shoes noosa yoghurt

I’d have to say my favorite of the new noosa tart&sweet yoghurt flavors is orange&ginger. This flavor almost tastes like an Orange Julius smoothie! It’s the perfect mix of tart and sweet flavors, as the name suggests. The sweet orange is delectable when paired with the creamy, rich yoghurt. When you open the noosa lid, the flavors aren’t quite mixed in yet, so you can choose to mix them in or you can take a scoop of yoghurt then a scoop of flavor!

noosa yoghurt beach

water bottle noosa yoghurt


Overall, noosa yoghurt is a great option for an on the go snack, whether you’re at the beach or at work! You can use this link to redeem a coupon to try the new noosa yoghurt flavors for yourself!


*Thank you to noosa yoghurt and Collectively, Inc. for partnering with me in this post.

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