End of Summer Outfit Ideas + 10 Facts About Myself

I hope you all have been enjoying the last bits of summer! Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve the content on my site. I think a big part of the road to improvement is a balance between writing what you have to write (for brands) while simultaneously writing something that you (and all my readers) will actually want to read. I personally want to return to a journalistic approach to blogging- describing my thoughts, trips, and topics that I care about. I enjoy creating content for brands but I don’t necessarily find myself wanting to write about the best sunglasses for fall.. I want to write impactful content that will help people, whether that be to live their most creative and fulfilling life or just to give them the courage and tools needed to be authentically themselves. That in itself is what I am most passionate about. A lot of this comes from my recent research on the power of vulnerability, a topic that I have come across in many facets of my life lately. So, to begin this new content journey, I am going to start with sharing 10 Facts About Myself that you may not know already! Hopefully by being vulnerable myself (these are still pretty surface level, but it’s a start), you all will connect with me in a different way. I’ll then give you a few end of summer outfit ideas to finish this post 🙂

1. I started my blog, Bohemian by the Bay, three years ago, in San Francisco. That is why the term “By the Bay” is at the end of the name. When I moved to LA about a year ago, I kept this name as a reminder of where it all started.

2. I am definitely a creative type, but I majored in Finance (and took a job in the industry) straight out of college. It wasn’t for me, so I made a career shift and now am doing social media work for a company I love, ONEHOPE Wine.

3. I have a 1-year-old cat named Penny, after Penny Lane in Almost Famous. She’s also got a ring around her eye that’s shaped like a penny.

4. I have three cliche irrational fears, of which I will only mention two: spiders and tornadoes.

5. Colorado is where I grew up. It will always have my heart. It has a certain untouchable beauty to it that I will always come back to.

6. Laughing at myself is one of my favorite past times. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, we will certainly be friends.

7. ENFJ. Although I do need my alone time, I am a hopeless romantic companion.

8. I have three tattoos. You can probably spot them on my Instagram!

9. Writing, baking, and music are my outlets to relieve emotional stress. You will never not find me listening to music.

10. Cats. And coffee. #hopelesscatlady

I’d love to learn more about you all- comment below with a random fact about yourself!

And now on to the outfits… Try these for an end of summer look:

OTS Top + Jogger Pants:

I love anything comfortable… and this look definitely is! I have two pairs of jogger pants, one in black and above in green. Track pants with fancier accessories are also having a moment right now. You can find this OTS top here!

Peplum Top + High Waisted Shorts:

I’m a sucker for peplum tops, especially when they are of the comfy variety (notice a trend happening here)? I paired this mustard frilly one with high-waisted shorts to create a casual look perfect for running around flower fields in.

Long Maxi Dress + Statement Heels:

I don’t think I’ve ever received as many compliments as I did when I wore this dress– I’m not saying that in a conceded way, but rather matter-of-factly in that you need this dress. This color is definitely having a moment as well.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Remember to comment below with a random fact about yourself so I can get to know you all!


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    Love that you’re going to be uploading more personal content. I always enjoy that more

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