How to Dress Creatively for the Fall

Hello everyone! I have been MIA for about a week exploring Santa Barbara for my birthday. I had an amazing experience at Glow Camp with the Ole Henriksen team, but I need an entire separate blog post to talk about that! For this post, I want to talk about how to dress creatively for the fall, specifically in the LA heat or in warmer weather. In cooler climates, it’s super easy to throw on a sweater and your favorite OTK boots and call it a day. But what about when it’s still 90 degrees outside and you want to start dressing for the season?

This is when you have to get creative. I paired this fuzzy sweater from Margaret O’Leary (which you can easily take off during the day and put on when it gets cooler at night) with a denim pencil skirt and some boots for an easy fall look. It’s all about mixing up lengths and layering when it’s so hot out but it’s fall!












How to Dress Creatively in the Fall When it’s Still Hot:

1. Layer, Layer, Layer! You can always remove during the day and put back on at night.
2. Think Creatively. I paired a skirt with a sweater and a “mock neck”- a turtleneck that’s not actually a turtleneck and much cooler.
3. Wear Fall Accessories! Instead of clothes, you can always add a scarf to a breezy dress with boots and still look like you are dressing for fall.

I love pairing unusual items together to create a “just thrown together” but casual-chic look. I think this one worked out well, don’t you? Not to mention I worked with Jordan Zobrist, a local LA lifestyle + fashion photographer and she is AMAZING! Definitely felt the love and vibe-d with her big time.

I can’t wait to show you guys what else we created! And to give you a tour of Bacara Resort and Spa while recapping Glow Camp!


Photos: Jordan Zobrist Photography

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