DIY Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit

To switch it up a bit from my usual fashion posts, I decided to partner with Rocksbox and BRIT+CO to create a DIY Marbled Jewelry kit. Rocksbox and BRIT+CO teamed up to come up with this cute little set, and it comes in a bunch of colors. Super fun to get your hands dirty and make something for yourself or someone else. Below are the results!

2016-01-10 04.51.27

To create this for yourself, here are the instructions.

2016-01-10 03.04.51


white oven-bake clay
colorful oven-bake clay
gold paint pen
(easy as that – alll three are included in the Brit kit!)

Tools (not included in kit):

Butter knife
Baking Tray


Break off one section of white and one section of colored clay and twist them around each other. Keep twisting and kneading your clay until you have an evenly dispersed, marbled pattern and flatten it into a circle measuring about three inches in diameter.
Grab one more section of white clay, flatten it into another circle of about the same size and layer it underneath your marbled circle.
Using a butter knife, carefully trim off the uneven edges of your two-layer clay circle and then pinch the edges of your clay circle upwards so that it forms a lip all the way around.
Repeat for your second larger tray, using two white sections plus two pink sections for the marbled layer and two white sections for the white bottom layer, and bake in a 275º Fahrenheit oven for about 25 minutes.
Once cooled, paint the edges of each tray with your gold paint pen.

Make your own set of Marbled Jewelry Trays at home and show how you would style them- Share on Instagram @rocksbox and @britandco using the hashtag #iamcreative.

Look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!


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