Coffee on Polk Street

One of my favorite activities on a slow and rainy day is to go to a coffee shop to work on my blog (aka snap some pics of my latte, jk… maybe). In all seriousness, I love the atmosphere that coffee shops in San Francisco have. Some are filled with entrepreneurs working on their next projects, some are filled with people in deep conversation. But one thing that they all have in common is great coffee. Let me tell you, living in SF for two years has taught me a few things about good coffee. I will definitely have to take you all on a tour of my favorite coffee shops in the city in one of my blog posts. For this post, I went to Saint Frank Coffee on Polk Street. They are known for their Macadamia Almond Milk Latte. Just read that again. SO good. Their super minimal and trendy interior isn’t too bad on the eyes, either.

I brought only a few things to the coffee shop with me, as I just wanted to have casual conversation with my boyfriend Jack or listen to some soft music and peruse Instagram. One of the items I brought was my Sudio Sweden earphones, classic beauties they are. The rose gold details get me every time and they actually stay in your ear with customized in-ear sleeves! The headphones came in a small leather case, which is great for keeping them clean and untangled in my overflowing purse. Overall, I would say they are a necessity if you are looking to invest in some unique designer earphones.

2016-05-30 04.47.49

2016-05-30 04.48.16

2016-05-30 05.00.49

2016-05-30 04.50.02

Other items I packed were my phone, cause duh, my wallet, and RayBan sunnies that I am currently obsessed with. Not much but sometimes thats all you need.

While writing this blog post, I actually thought of one of my next posts- exploring all of my fav coffee shops in SF! What do ya’ll think?


*Use the code Bohemian15 for 15% off all Sudio Sweden orders!

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