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Chambray Crop Tee

Ocean Beach is one of the city’s gems on a nice day. I rarely make it to the Inner/Outer Sunset, just because it’s so far away, but when the sun is shining and I’m in need of the beach (let’s be real, everyday I am in need) I head to Ocean Beach! Even on a nice day though, your hair is going to get windblown and you will most likely need a jacket. That’s what makes SF beaches so much different than LA beaches. Not to say I prefer one over the other but… it’s just a different experience.

I wore my chambray side-tie crop tee from Madewell for this outing, paired with my favorite ripped-knee black jeans that I live in. I was pretty comfortable in this outfit, considering the weather conditions.

2016-05-22 12.39.55

2016-05-22 12.44.15

2016-05-22 12.37.18

2016-05-22 12.49.07

2016-05-22 12.54.12

2016-05-22 12.45.09

2016-05-22 12.41.55

2016-05-22 12.43.17

2016-05-22 12.52.11

2016-05-22 12.55.22

Before heading to the beach, my friend Lindsey of Seamless Sea and I went to a really cute coffee shop called Hollow in the Inner Sunset that you all must try. It is a little green shop under a house situated in the most inconspicuous place on a main street, and they serve Ritual Coffee Roasters! See more pics on my Instagram 🙂


PC: Lindsey of Seamless Sea


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