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    Spring Staycation: The Redondo Beach Hotel

    This past weekend, I had the most wonderful staycation at The Redondo Beach Hotel with my friend Jonilyn Brown of My Curated Closet. It was so incredible to actually explore the South Bay for a weekend! Since moving here, I haven’t been able to get out much and explore this area (most of my friends live in Santa Monica or on the East Side, so I drive over there every chance I get). We arrived on Friday night and stayed until Sunday morning, with a bunch of activities in between. Read on to see what we did!

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    Love Notes to LA: Why I Love the City of Stars


    When I lived in SF, I started a hashtag #lovenotestosf to keep all the memories and snapshots I had of the city in one place as a tribute to the city. I loved walking around taking pictures of everything, from the unique architecture to the sweeping views of green hillsides covered in eucalyptus trees. SF has a sort of European feel to it, it’s very romantic and has a sort of untouched historical beauty to it. When I moved to LA, it was very different. People don’t walk, they drive, and therefore I haven’t got as many pictures as I would like (yet) to do this city justice. There aren’t as many beautiful structures or parks, but it’s got so many things to make up for areas that it lacks. People are always asking me which city I like better, and my answer is always the same: they are so different that I cannot choose one city; I like them both for different reasons. A very safe answer, but so true.

    So this brings me to list some reasons why I love living in LA, and why I’m going to carry that hashtag over to LA and start #lovenotestoLA. Side note: yes, I recently have been watching La La Land over and over again and it prompted me to write this post. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you MUST ASAP. It captures the beauty of living in a city where so many people are trying to make it in a creative field, and all the heartbreak that comes along with trying to pursue your dream. As a dreamer myself, the movie really tugged at my heartstrings.


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    Malibu Travel Guide

    Last weekend, my mom was in town from Colorado for a few days, so I took her to some non-touristy LA locations that I love. I brainstormed quite a bit on which places I should take her, and one location that popped into mind first was Malibu. Malibu is one of those places that you can drive an hour and feel like you are in a different place completely. Now that I have had a few trips to Malibu, I know some good go-to places that you shouldn’t miss if you are taking a day trip there!


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    Santa Barbara Travel Guide

    Two weekends ago, Jack and I visited Santa Barbara for a birthday getaway. I booked an incredible Airbnb for the weekend, which I was lucky to get since I booked last minute. The place was absolutely breathtaking; complete with a private guest entrance, large serene pool, lush gardens and our own barbecue area in the backyard. The property itself was secluded in the hills of Santa Barbara. I could have stayed there forever. To make me love the place even more, it poured rain on the second night so we cuddled up with takeout Thai- the next morning I awoke to the most refreshing smell of rain and mist over the mountains. I absolutely love Santa Barbara. And that is precisely why I am going to give you all a list of where to stay, and what to do!

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    Ole Henriksen Glow Camp Recap

    Last week, I had the pleasure of attending “Glow Camp” with Ole Henriksen and his team. Glow Camp is a mini-vacation in different beautiful locations where Ole (pronounced oooo-la) evaluates your skin and gives you a personalized prescription for the next six weeks using his products. This particular Glow Camp was at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara and was focused on oily skin. When I got the invite for Glow Camp, I was ecstatic, but I didn’t know it would change me inside and out forever.


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    Fourth of July in Coronado

    If you’ve been following along on my Snapchat (Bohemianbybay) or Instagram, you know that for the fourth I went to San Diego to meet up with my besties. Before the shenanigans that happened on the fourth in Pacific Beach, Jack and I went out for a nice dinner in Coronado. I’ve never been to Coronado before, but man was I blown away. Coronado was one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in California, and that is saying a lot because in the two years I have lived here, I’ve been to quite a lot of locations.

    For a dinner at Bluewater Grill, a gorgeous bayside restaurant, I wore my white knit dress I picked up from Amour Vert a few weeks ago. It was the perfect outfit to wear for the night, especially when beach nights get a little chilly after the sun goes down. I paired it with my go-to gladiators (I might need another pair… I always wear these)!

    2016-07-03 09.25.27

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    2016-07-03 09.24.14

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    2016-07-03 09.21.15

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    2016-07-03 09.12.59

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    2016-07-03 09.19.26

    2016-07-03 09.28.44-1

    I absolutely loved exploring around the Hotel del Coronado at sunset. People were just coming in from their day at the beach, were getting ready for bonfires, on their way to dinner, or just on a sunset stroll. I felt like I was walking along the Outerbanks shores on the East Coast; the beach had this magical, fleeting and romantic vibe. Oh man, I love traveling. Let me know if you have any recommendations for next time I head to Coronado, because I know I will be back!

    Much love,

    Photos: Jack Van Leeuwen


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    Pattern Wrap Dress

    Whenever I travel to LA, which is quite a bit, I always try to pack light and airy pieces since it can get quite hot and muggy there sometimes. I recently got this pattern dress from Sheinside, and it is absolutely perfect for a day of strolling in the sunshine. I paired it with my super comfortable wedges so I could walk around the neighborhood and shop without my feet dying and still get some height with this dress.

    2016-05-14 05.25.05-1

    2016-05-14 05.16.51-1

    2016-05-14 05.22.06

    2016-05-14 05.24.53

    2016-05-14 05.30.37

    2016-05-14 05.23.41-1

    2016-05-14 05.29.29

    2016-05-14 05.14.54

    2016-05-14 05.28.31-1

    2016-05-14 05.24.55

    I recently discovered a newfound love for East Los Angeles. There are so many great spots popping up here. Some of my favorites are of course Blue Bottle, Winsome, Myrtle and Alfred Coffee. Put these on your list next time you are there!


    PC: Jack Van Leeuwen