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    5 Reasons to Visit Colorado

    While I love living in LA, I cherish moments that I can return to my home, Colorado. For those of you that have not been to Colorado, you must put it on your bucket list. Colorado is a magical place for more reasons than one. It’s got it’s fair share of city-life, if that is your thing, but the real reason people travel to Colorado is for the nature. Mountains stretch farther than the eye can see, lakes glisten during the summer and freeze over in the winter, and the air is so fresh it’s icy when you inhale. Colorado takes seasons to the next level… In the fall you’ve got leaves every color of the rainbow. Growing up in a place like this, it is hard to go to a place that has no seasons, like LA, but it just makes my trips back to Colorado even more special. Read more to see why I love this place and why I will always, always, come back to it.


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    Ziggit x Bohemian by the Bay

    As many of you know, last weekend I headed to Clark, Colorado (outside of Steamboat) for our annual family Father’s Day trip. One of the main activities my family likes to do outdoors is hike, so that is how we spent the last day in Steamboat. Hiking is such a great way to get exercise and relieve stress. For our hike, I packed along my hand-dandy Herschel backpack, and dressed it up with some fun pins I got from Ziggit. These pins are such a fun way to express yourself, and I love how you can pin them on just about anything without punching holes! I chose the letters to spell “WILD”, because that’s how I feel when I’m outdoors and in nature.

    2016-06-19 01.57.54-1

    2016-06-19 02.04.55-1

    2016-06-19 02.11.20

    2016-06-19 01.56.31-1

    2016-06-19 02.13.25

    2016-06-19 01.56.35

    2016-06-19 01.57.05

    If you all are looking for hikes around Steamboat, Colorado, I highly recommend this hike. It was around Pearl Lake, which is often referred to as the “hidden gem” of all the lakes in Steamboat. The fresh breeze from the lake is a definite relief from the heat in the summer time.

    Hope you guys are liking all of my pictures from back home! These are the last of them 🙁


    Photos: Jack Van Leeuwen

    P.S. You all can use the code: 10bythebay to get Buy 3 get 1 Free at Ziggit!

    *Thanks to Ziggit for sponsoring this post! Your support keeps blogs like mine running 🙂

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    Two-tone Backless Wrap Dress

    I just got back from my annual Father’s Day family celebration in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was all that I hoped it would be and more; filled with hiking, thunderstorms, fishing, s’mores-making, relaxing and this beautiful backless wrap dress. Hard to go back to work this week, but SO happy I was able to see my family.

    I brought along some unique items on this trip, and some not-so unique (aka sweatpants for days). One of the more unique pieces was this stunning backless wrap dress from CECloset. What makes this dress so unique is that you can wear it multiple ways, with the criss-cross in the back and the tie in the front or the tie in the back (as I am wearing below). I love the contrasting color choice of the dress as well. I paired the dress with my easy-to-pack gladiator sandals. You know me, always trying to achieve that laid back, bohemian-chic style.

    2016-06-18 06.27.50-1

    2016-06-18 06.37.20-2

    2016-06-18 06.34.16

    2016-06-18 06.37.37-1

    2016-06-18 06.31.00

    2016-06-18 06.27.02-2

    2016-06-18 06.32.43

    2016-06-18 06.32.01

    2016-06-18 07.07.53-1

    Crystal, the main designer of these pieces is quite inspiring- she quit her day job (full-time to part-time) to pursue her passion of fashion design. I love supporting creatives like her! Not to mention the quality of her clothes is fabulous. I have another dress from Crystal as well, as seen on my Instagram that I am going to shoot soon, so be on the lookout! Can’t wait to show you guys more 🙂


    PC: Jack Van Leeuwen

    Sunglasses are the Cherie model from EdgeiWear

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    Winter Wonderland in Colorado

    It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m sitting by the crackling fireplace at my parent’s house in snowy Evergreen, Colorado writing this post. Life is good. After the beautiful snowstorm yesterday on Thanksgiving, I took some time to explore around outside. That’s another thing I miss about living in San Francisco, no snow! To bundle up for the exploration, I broke out my Sorel’s and a plaid jacket with a white fleece lining. I highly recommend investing in nice snow boots if you are traveling to Colorado, they are a necessity. I like these high Sorel’s since you can tramp in about a foot of snow… Great for sledding.
    2015-11-27 04.32.09

    2015-11-27 04.34.04

    2015-11-27 04.37.17-2

    2015-11-27 04.33.44-2

    2015-11-27 04.34.14

    2015-11-27 04.37.55-1

    2015-11-27 04.33.59

    2015-11-27 04.37.44

    2015-11-27 04.34.06

    2015-11-27 04.38.04

    What I’m Wearing:
    Plaid Jacket: Eddie Bauer
    Fox Sweater: Old Navy
    Winter Boots: Sorel, my new favorites here
    Black pants: GAP
    Braided head wrap: Anthropologie

    Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be cuddled by the fire for the next couple of days…

    Stay warm,

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    Locals Guide to Evergreen, Colorado

    Since my parents decided to relocate to the lovely mountain town of Evergreen, every chance I get I plan to visit them. My second visit to this small mountain town was with three of my best friends for my birthday. The weekend was filled with good food made by my chef of a mother, laughs, and cuddles by the fire. I decided to make a guide to the town for those who are visiting Colorado, my favorite place on Earth.
    2015-10-23 03.42.16

    2015-10-23 03.36.47

    2015-10-23 01.57.41

    2015-10-23 03.46.46

    2015-10-23 03.42.37
    My non-touristy guide includes everything from food to fashion- all the things I love.

    The best place for pizza: Beau Jo’s, famous for inch-thick crust that you dip in honey

    The best place for consignment shopping: Aspen’s Consignment, has everything from furniture to clothes, I found they have a great winter sweater and boot collection

    The best place for coffee: Muddy Buck, they have Bhakti Chai (a local Colorado favorite) and cinnamon rolls the size of your head baked fresh daily. The atmosphere is so mountain cozy too. Need I say more…

    The best place to find anything: Big R, they have everything from home improvement to clothing to gardening… Think mountain town home depot

    The best place to walk around: Evergreen Lake, it even has ice skating in the winter. Too cute

    If you have any recommendations or have been to this area before, I would love to add to my guide!

    Much love,
    BB xx

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    A Country Club Wedding

    Yesterday was magical. I had the pleasure of watching my cousin get married at the first wedding I have attended since I was a flower girl at age four. The wedding was set at the Colorado National Golf Club in Eerie, Colorado. With the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, live acoustic music, string lights, and grassy fields as far as the eye could see, I was in heaven. The color scheme of the wedding was all colors of blue- light, navy, cobalt, sea-foam… I was unaware of the color scheme when I picked out my dress from Banana Republic (the night before shhhh) but it ended up being perfect for the occasion. IMG_5619









    I picked this structured A-line dress because it was simple, not too flashy, and most of all I can wear it to other occasions (work!). I paired the dress with black suede heels, another staple piece everyone should have in their closet. I finished the look with an edgy statement necklace that was a hand-me-down from my mom- I always have to add some edge to an overly girly outfit.

    …And then my cousin got married and I danced the night away!

    What I’m Wearing:
    Blue dress: Banana Republic
    Black suede heels: H&M
    Necklace: Francesca’s Collection (in stores only)
    Patent leather purse: Thrifted

    On a side note, I am re-selling some of my clothes on Threadflip soon, so be sure to keep an eye on my closet there!

    Love is in the air,
    BB xoxo

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    Colorado Getaway

    This past week I traveled to Colorado, my home state, to see my family for our yearly trip to Steamboat Springs for Father’s Day. Colorado in the summer has to be my favorite place on Earth. Yes, I am biased because it’s where I’m from, but the green fields, blue skies and crisp mountain air cannot be beat. My family and I road tripped to a small farm town outside of Steamboat, called Clark. If you are ever in Steamboat, I recommend going the 20 extra minutes North to Clark for ice cream at The Clark Store and a bison burger at Murphy’s Tavern.
    2015-06-19 07.18.24
    2015-06-19 07.07.19 2015-06-19 07.04.20-2 2015-06-19 07.03.34-1 2015-06-19 07.06.23
    2015-06-19 07.17.48
    2015-06-19 07.03.02 2015-06-19 07.06.06 2015-06-19 07.03.32 2015-06-19 07.02.14
    For days filled with relaxing by the river, I stuck with flow-y bohemian chic pieces paired with denim. Colorado really brings out the hippie in me- nowadays I’m looking for an antidote to SF city minimalism.

    What I’m Wearing:
    Embroidered blouse: Monsoon UK
    Denim shorts: Levi’s
    Rings: Various thrifted
    Sandals: Target

    Headed back to SF tomorrow, but before I go, here are 10 reasons to get out into nature.

    Much love,
    BB xx