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    Monday Motivation: 2017 Workout Routine

    As we ring in the New Year, I am excited about a lot of things. A New Year is time for fresh starts and is a reminder that we can set new goals and try again to achieve old ones. One of the most pressing goals I have is to become healthier, which means working out. I have always worked out, my entire life. I played soccer for most of my childhood and adult life, but quit halfway through college and just started going to the gym. When I moved to SF after college, I picked up my game and really hit the gym after work. This all changed when I moved to LA five months ago (crazy)! In LA, you drive everywhere, so my time to walk to work and around the city was gone. I was also commuting to work when I lived in Echo Park, which would take about and hour each way. How in the world did I have time to workout?! I was in the worst shape I’d been in since junior year of college when I studied abroad… But since moving to Redondo, my commute is more than cut in half, so I am able to go to the gym again after work! Here is what has worked for me since quitting soccer and heading to the gym.

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    Monday Motivation: How to Manage a Full-Time Job with a Blog

    Let me just start out with saying this: managing a full-time job alongside a successful blog IS NOT EASY. There are times when I want to quit my blog because of how many late nights I’ve spent working (editing, writing, shooting). But then I think to myself that I do this because I love it, so is it really work at all? The answer is yes, but it’s worth it. I have had a hard time in the past with stress-management, and it’s taken a while for me to achieve a (somewhat) healthy balance and fit it all in. That’s why I’ve put together some tips for you all who are out there trying to find that balance. Hopefully my tips will help you! Read more to see them.


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    Kaizen One Infusion Tumbler

    I am a huge water drinker. I mean HUGE, meaning I drink about twice the amount that one person is “supposed” to drink in a day. But sometimes plain old water can get boring. That’s why I was so excited when Kaizen One approached me to help with the launch of their new VIVA Infusion Tumbler. To give you a little but more background on the brand, Kaizen One is a small team inspired by making healthy choices, living in the moment, and one believes that self-improvement is needed in order to make a difference within our communities. With that mission statement, I was totally on board.

    Their new VIVA Infusion Bottle is absolutely gorgeous- lovely glass complete with an eco-friendly bamboo top. I think what excites me the most about it is that I can use it for steeping tea or for fruit infusions. I have been meaning to try to replace some of my coffee consuming with tea consuming… TBD on how that goes, but I’m sure this VIVA Infusion Bottle will help on that journey.

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    Best Workout Studio in Nob Hill

    I usually don’t do too many fitness related posts on my blog, but working out is such a big part of my life, so I love to share my thoughts with you all! As most of you know, I live in the Nob Hill neighborhood in SF, which is great for it’s proximity to work. Another perk of living on Nob Hill is the abundance of workout studios here. There’s Core40, Moxie, and a few others that I have not tried.

    When a boutique studio called Uforia Studios approached me, I was very interested in trying out their classes. Uforia has three types of classes: Revolutions (cycle), GRIT (a mix of weights and HIIT), and Hip Hop (dance). I am a HUGE fan of the Rev and GRIT classes. By doing both of these classes together, you can definitely get a good mix of cardio and strength training- two essentials every girl needs to get and stay in shape.

    2016-06-13 08.38.34

    2016-06-13 08.26.09

    2016-06-13 08.38.02-1

    2016-06-13 08.24.57

    2016-06-13 08.34.27

    2016-06-13 08.35.59

    2016-06-13 08.34.12-1

    2016-06-13 08.28.22

    2016-06-13 08.27.39-1

    What I like most about Uforia besides their motto (#embracethesweat) is the approachability of the staff and the atmosphere that the studio provides. Although there are some regulars, there are always new people coming in to try the classes, so you don’t feel like an outsider. The instructors are young, fun, and sometimes silly, yet they are able to give you a GREAT workout. That mix of approachability and toughness is hard to find in group fitness classes sometimes, but Uforia has it! Give this studio a try if you are in the SF area and get ready to embrace the sweat!


    PC: Melanie Ulrich

    *Thanks to Uforia Studios for giving me the true Uforia experience and partnering with me on this post.

    Use the code “BBTB” for your first Uforia class FREE!

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    Best Weekend Hikes in SF

    If there’s one weekend activity that I would do every weekend if I could, it’s hike. Being from Colorado, I am very fond of the outdoors. And very fond is an understatement. Part of the reason I moved to California was to explore new landscapes and see what the state has to offer. I haven’t been disappointed thus far.

    Last weekend, Jack and I went on a hike in Muir Woods near Mt. Tamalpais. We hiked the Matt Davis trail from the Mountain Inn to the Westpoint Inn and back. It was a bit of a large hill on the way up (only uphill, actually) so your booty definitely gets a workout. I wore my new Vince & Vic yoga pants, which are actually great for hiking since they are thick and provide great coverage. I love the mesh inserts as well, sorta like these. This trend is popping up everywhere!

    2016-05-29 05.49.20-1

    2016-05-29 06.03.10-1

    2016-05-29 06.05.27

    2016-05-29 06.03.13

    2016-05-29 06.05.06

    2016-05-29 06.02.31

    2016-05-29 05.50.49

    2016-05-29 06.09.41

    Some of you may be asking, how does a native Colorado girl know what are the best places to hike in SF? Well let me tell you, I’ve got my sources… And my friend Alex gave me the best Refinery29 article I’ve ever read. Here are some of my recommendations:

    1. Stinson Beach- haven’t done this one yet, but anything with the word “beach” in it- count me in!

    2. Westpoint Inn to Mountain Inn- this is the one we did this weekend. The views from the Westpoint Inn are incredible and the hike up really works your booty.

    3. Land’s End to Ocean Beach- if you have people visiting from our of town that enjoy nature, this hike needs to be at the top of your list. The cliff views are stunning.

    4. Tennessee Valley Trail to Pelican Inn- a bit of a longer hike, but my favorite I have been on so far. The Pelican Inn has such a yummy brunch so you can fill up before the hike back. Ocean views that will make your heart jump too 🙂

    5. Pfeiffer Falls Trailhead- down in Big Sur, but another one of my favs that hugs the coastline. A must if you are down in that area.

    Let me know if ya’ll know of any more that I can add to this list!


    PC: Jack my Adventure Buddy



    Winter Fitness

    Since many of you have asked, yes I do workout. I love to run, do yoga, hike and do anything that gets me moving. I workout approximately 4 to 5 times a week, depending on how I am feeling. This past week I haven’t worked out once since I’ve been sick, but we do what we can. I recently received this super flowy top from Albion Fit, perfect for a breezy day of hiking under a jacket in the winter or as is in the spring. I would even wear this as a casual top not paired with workout clothes, but maybe some jeans instead.








    The top can be found in the link above and the rest of the outfit below. Happy working out everyone! Comment below if you want my detailed workout moves/schedule and let me know what you do to keep fit!