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    Paper Crown Bridesmaid Dress

    I’m SUPER excited about today’s post. A few weeks back, Paper Crown contacted me for a unique collaboration. I got to choose whatever bridesmaid dress fit my body type for a piece on Lauren Conrad’s website, so I chose the Lauren dress (ironic, I know) since I am smaller on the top and bigger on the bottom. Paper Crown has such a great selection of beautiful bridesmaid dresses, so it was quite hard to choose! I think this one was perfect for me, though- and pretty forgiving with all the eating and dancing that occurs at weddings 🙂

    2016-04-24 03.22.49

    2016-04-24 03.36.31

    2016-04-24 03.24.10

    2016-04-24 03.25.06

    2016-04-24 03.33.15-2

    2016-04-24 03.36.32

    2016-04-24 03.32.33

    It is so great to see big brands like this reaching out to real girls for content, I think it shows honesty and integrity in the brand in a world where there is so much fake edited content. Thanks to Paper Crown for the opportunity!

    Look forward to more posts to come 🙂


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    Weddington Way Gent Shop

    I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday! As for me, I’m stuck at home sick, but at least that means I can do an extra post this week 🙂 Now for the good stuff, Weddington Way asked me to partner again with them to pick out a tux from their Gent Shop tuxedo rentals and pair it with a bridesmaid dress, available here. I love Weddington Way and everything my friend Hannah Pobar is doing with the brand, so of course I said yes. My picks are…

    Screenshot 2015-09-23 17.51.28A black tux and a grey bow tie. I love the simplicity of this black tux with the classy and untraditional bow tie. The bow tie adds some playfulness to the tux, something that guys don’t usually get with a classic black suit and tie. The grey also complements the blush of the bridesmaids dress I chose below.

    Screenshot 2015-09-23 17.55.34I paired the tux with a simple A-line dress in blush. The high neck line of this dress is to die for, and the shape is so timeless. Ideally I would choose the rest of my bridesmaids dresses to be a shape that matches all of their different body types, but in the same color. I think it’s fun to mix and match a little!

    Weddington Way 2 Weddington Way 3 Weddington Way 4 Weddington Way 6

    Hope everyone has a great rest of their day, I’m off to sleep (after I finish binge watching Sex and the City and ordering Thai food…)

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    Weddington Way

    Last weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting with Hannah Pobar who is a lead designer at Weddington Way. It was a dreamy shoot in the Weddington Way studio filled with champagne, bridal dresses and glittering jewelry. Hannah is such a lovely lady who makes you feel comfortable with any silly pose you may be doing. We had a blast, not to mention I got to try on all types of dresses. Made me think of what I would want my bridal party to be like… Just kidding. Totally kidding, I’m way too young for that.

    1 10 25 7 lauren-exclusives-faves-2-68 26 lauren-exclusives-faves-2-62 15 3 lauren-exclusives-faves-2-57 lauren-exclusives-faves-2-72 5 lauren-exclusives-faves-2-64 lauren-exclusives-faves-2-66 21
    I’m absolutely in love with how these came out! Be sure to check out Weddington Way for some delicate, flirty and fun bridesmaids dresses for that special day.

    Much love,
    BB <3

    P.S. I’m currently back in my hometown celebrating Father’s Day. Follow along on my Instagram.