How to Care for Precious Stones & Minerals

Since my bohemian style is drawn to natural pieces, I am beginning to collect more and more jewelry with stones and minerals. One of my all time favorite jewelry brands, Chan Luu, put together a useful and beautiful infographic on how to care for them, which I thought I’d pass along.

One of my biggest flaws when wearing jewelry is that I don’t take it off when I wash my hands, and sometimes I even forget to take it off before the gym (oops)! It is definitely necessary to take off jewelry in all cases, especially the shower. Most tap water does have harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, which can cause damage to jewelry. I also learned from this infographic that to clean the gem, a soapy water with a soft cloth will most likely do the trick as long as you avoid any harsh chemicals that can interfere with the natural state of the gem. Good to know!

Caring for Precious Stones & Minerals
I hope you find this infographic as useful as I did for jewelry care!


**Thank you to Chan Luu for partnering with me in this post. All reviews and opinions are my own.

Image: Chan Luu

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