Best Online Retailer for Trendy Summer Styles

I don’t know if it’s a well-kept secret or a well-known fact by now, but the website Shein is a godsend for trendy clothing without the large price tag. It’s perfect for clothing that you want to wear for one season or one occasion. I’ve gotten some seriously cute pieces for weddings, events, and shoots for seriously so cheap without sacrificing too much quality. I wouldn’t recommend the site for staple pieces that you want for more than one season or a couple occasions- for those I tend to spend the money on nicer quality items that will last quite a long time (more bang for your buck this way). There are a few items I splurge on, including shoes (you tend to keep shoes longer than other clothing items), accessories (you don’t want that green ring around your finger from low quality metal), and bags (definitely last more than one season). But for t-shirts, dresses, and other heavily rotating trendy clothing, this website is great! Below are a few outfits I’ve created from this website.


shein red dress

This is one of my all time commented and liked photos on Instagram wearing this red floral maxi dress. And the dress is only $30!

shein boat neck shirt

shein off the shoulder top

This boat neck shirt is so soft! I paired it with shorts for the summer, but you can pair it with almost anything.

I also got this palm print mini dress from Shein, which I wore to dinner and out on the town in Beverly Hills.

shein tropical print bathingsuit

shein palm print swimsuit

palm print swimsuit

Lastly, this tropical palm print swimsuit (can you tell I love this print?! is surprisingly flattering. I wore it to a pool party in Marina Del Rey at the Marina Del Rey hotel. I ordered medium for both the top and the bottom but I probably could have fit in a large in the bottoms if you know what I mean… (lol)

I hope you find some goodies at Shein! They are currently having a sale, up 85% off so check it out!


Photos: Jonilyn Brown

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  • Reply Kate (@katekoutures)

    I really want to get that leaf print swimsuit. It’s so trendy and cute
    Kate || KATE KOUTURES || <A

    July 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm
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