Most Affordable Snow Boots

I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO stoked to head home for the holidays where there is actually snow on the ground! I will be headed to Evergreen, Colorado where my parents live. I am thinking about what to pack right now, and it’s going to be a lot of flannel, jeans and snow boots! I recently found the most perfect snow boots from Skechers they are super cute and are the most affordable out there. I was going to opt for the more expensive Sorel boots, but for half the price and the same amount of style, I opted for the Skechers pair. I paired these with a mustard sweater that I love from Love Kuza, a LA-based fashion brand. Their pieces are classic yet unique, a hard to achieve feat in the fashion world.


Skechers also has some great other options for snow boots. I really like these Highlanders for a lower boot and or these Chalet boots for hiking. The ones I am wearing above are probably best suited for romping around in high snow, but no rigorous hiking activity.

What are all of you doing for the holidays?


Photos: Sara Pope

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